Joon long haul routes map JOON 

Joon began its first long-haul route

The new low-cost airline belonging to Air France-KLM, began its flights between Paris and Cairo yesterday. Last year the Air France-KLM group launched its low-cost airline, called Joon, aimed especially at Millennials passengers, that is, young people between 18 and 35 years old whose life revolves around digital technology. Yesterday, the airline launched its first long-haul flight between the Paris-Charles de Gaulle International Airport (CDG) in France and the Cairo International Airport (CAI) in Egypt. The new air route is operated with renewed Airbus A340 aircraft configured in three classes and will…

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AG-600 Kunlong China 

The largest amphibious aircraft in the world flew for the first time

The AG600 Kunlong, similar in size to a Boeing 747, made a one-hour flight at the end of December. Designed and manufactured by China, the largest amphibious aircraft in the world made its first flight on December 24. The aircraft has four engines with propellers, a size similar to a Boeing 747, a wingspan of 38.8 meters and a load capacity of 53.5 tons. It can fly for 12 hours and transport up to 50 people. The AG600 Kunlong was conceived with the purpose of fighting fires and carrying out marine…

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JOON aircraft JOON 

Joon, the new Air France’s airline, started flying

The new airline belonging to Air France began operating its first flights on December 1. Joon is the new airline launched by the Air France-KLM Group. Its main objectives are to offer cheaper prices, especially to a young public, and to face the development of low-cost and long-haul routes by airlines such as Norwegian and the new Level. The airline Joon plans to have 28 aircraft by 2020, 10 of which will be long-haul, and although it is currently operated by Air France pilots, the intention of its creators is…

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Avianca Argentina ATR 72 600 aircraft Argentina Avianca 

Avianca Argentina begins its operations

The airline begins with flights between Buenos Aires and Rosario using ATR 72 600 aircraft. Avianca Argentina launches its first regular flight today in the South American country. The airline had planned to start operations in July, but it still had to finish implementing its sales and general operations system, which is why its start was postponed. Finally Avianca will begin to fly in Argentina using its new ATR 72 600 turboprop aircraft with capacity for 72 passengers. The first route links the Buenos Aires-Aeroparque Airport (AEP) with the Rosario…

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