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Perth Airport: The third runway could affect thousands of neighbors with noise

The opening of a third runway in the coming years will affect several suburbs of the Australian city.

The Perth International Airport (PER), in Australia, plans the construction of a third runway and has generated controversy among the neighbors, who could be affected by noise.

The suburbs located east and south-southeast of the airport are the most likely to suffer some type of noise coming from the aircraft.

Among those most affected are Forrestfield, High Wycombe, South Guildford and Wattle Grove, which could register up to 200 extra noise events per day.

Meanwhile, the nearby suburbs of Swan View, Greenmount, Darlington, Glen Forrest, Helena Valley, Canning Vale, Thornlie, Guildford, Caversham and West Swan may also be partially affected.

On the other hand, the residents located to the west and southwest of the Perth Airport, could be benefited by a possible decrease in noise. Some suburbs will be Queens Park, Cannington, Lathlain, Belmont.

Many residents of the affected areas came to the suburbs in search of a quiet life free from the urban hustle, which is why the news has caused some discomfort among the neighbors.

Perth Third Runway Project
Currently there are two operational runways. The third, in blue on the map, will be 03R/21L and will be 2,700 meters long and 45 wide.

“Actual flight paths have not been determined, however a draft Airspace Management plan has been developed which outlines proposed flight corridors for Perth Airport once the new runway is operational”, an airport spokeswoman told the Midland Reporter Community newspaper.

“New flight paths will be developed and will change the distribution of aircraft noise around the Perth area – some will have new or more noise and some will have less”. “We want the community to understand what these changes mean and how they can voice their opinions”, she added.

Perth Airport is the fourth busiest in Australia and is the main gateway to Western Australia Territory. During 2016, some 12,453,000 passengers passed through its facilities.

The construction of a third runway, 03R / 21L, is part of an ambitious expansion plan that includes improvements to the terminal and the implementation of a commuter train.

The initial plans stipulated the inauguration of the runway towards the year 2027, although if the traffic warrants it, the authorities of the airport could advance the opening date to 2024.

Perth Airport noises map
Noise map of Perth Airport when the third runway opens. The blue colors indicate an increase in noise and the purple decrease. The most affected suburbs are located east and southeast.


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