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JetSMART prepares to fly in Argentina

The Chilean low-cost airline plans to operate domestic flights in that country and expand in Latin America.

JetSMART is a new low cost airline operating in Chile, based at Santiago International Airport (SCL). The company belongs to Indigo Partners, which operates other airlines such as Wizz Air, Volaris and Frontier Airlines.

The business group was the protagonist of the largest order in history, requesting Airbus a total of 430 new aircraft for a figure amounting to 49,500 million dollars. Some 70 aircraft of the order will be destined to the ambitious plan of expansion of JetSMART in the Latin American market.

A few days ago the airline announced its intention to start routes from Santiago and other Chilean cities to various destinations in Argentina, such as Salta, Tucumán, Iguazú, Jujuy, Córdoba, Rosario, San Juan, Mendoza, Bariloche, Neuquén and El Calafate.

Although the most important step will be to open a new subsidiary in Argentina. To carry out this objective, JetSMART proceeded to purchase Alas del Sur, an Argentine airline that, despite having authorization to fly, never operated.

Alas del Sur has permission to operate 36 air routes within Argentina and some international routes, most of them based in the city of Córdoba.

At the moment there are no known start dates for the Argentine subsidiary, although JetSMART estimates it has about 5 aircraft operating in that country by 2019.

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