The Japanese Skymark Airlines will add international destinations in 2019

The island of Saipan and the Republic of Palau are already on the list.

Skymark Airlines is a Japanese low cost airline. To date, it only operates domestic flights in the Asian country.

Some financial problems, coming from the majority of having placed an order for Airbus A380 aircraft for future international routes, led the airline to file an application for bankruptcy protection in 2015.

Now, with a better financial situation, Skymark Airlines ventures to new horizons and announced its first international destinations: Saipan and Palau.

Saipan is part of the Northern Mariana Islands, an archipelago in political union with the United States, located northwest of Oceania.

The island, besides being the administrative center, is visited by Japanese and Korean tourists as a destination for beaches and paradisiacal landscapes.

On the other hand, the Republic of Palau is an island country west of Oceania and close to the Philippines, much visited by Asian tourists in search of beaches and sun.

The Skymark airline will begin charter flights this year, from its base in Tokyo, to Saipan International Airport (SPN), on the homonymous island, and to the Roman Tmetuchl International Airport (KOR) in Koror, capital of Palau. Meanwhile, between the months of May and June 2019, it will start regular flights.

Both routes will be operated with Boeing 737 aircraft.