BelugaXL first flightAirbus Cargo Aircraft 

The BelugaXL completes its first flight

The brand new cargo aircraft successfully completed the test in the French skies.

The big day arrived for the new Airbus cargo plane, the BelugaXL. Today it had its first flight in the city of Toulouse, France. The aircraft made its test flight for about 4 hours and 11 minutes, landing at 14:41 local time.

These test flights will continue to be developed during a period of 10 months until completing 600 hours. Airbus plans for the Trent 700 Rolls-Royce engine aircraft to go into service in 2019, and to build another four by 2023.

The new BelugaXL, formally called A330-700L, are based on the design of the A330-200 and will replace the current fleet of five BelugaST, based on the A300-600.

This change means greater transport capacity, which is essential to meet the expected increase in the production of the A350 and A320 models.

In this way, a BelugaXL can carry two wings of an Airbus A350, while the BelugaST can carry only one.


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