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Air Berlin ends its operations on October 28

The German airline lost 782 million euros in 2016 and declared bankruptcy last August.

Air Berlin is the second largest airline in Germany and began its activities in 1978. On October 28, it will cease to operate with nearly forty years of history.

A number of issues led to the end of the airline, among them there are substantial economic losses sustained during 2016, where Air Berlin lost 2 million euros per day, reaching a total of 782 million that year. Another serious problem has been output of Ethiad Airways of the shareholder group on August 15 of this year; Ethiad possessed a 29.2%, which meant practically the economic insolvency of the airline.

Air Berlin executives failed to cope with the crisis of the company, and at the moment are trying to rearrange the 8,600 employees in other airlines, mainly in the Lufthansa subsidiary, Eurowings.

Since a few weeks ago, Air Berlin is negotiating exclusively with Lufthansa and the low cost airline EasyJet. The negotiations include the purchase of the airline and its assets, as aircraft, slots of airport operations, and the Air Berlin Technik maintenance center.

Lufthansa showed its interest in acquiring 93 aircraft of the company while EasyJet intends to buy between 27 and 30 aircraft.

The agreement of exclusivity in negotiations between Air Berlin, Lufthansa and EasyJet culminates Thursday, October 12, date which will be announced the results of such negotiations, and if there is no agreement, other new candidates could enter to negotiate with Air Berlin.

The airline will cease to operate on October 28, the Chairman of Air Berlin, Thomas Winkelmann, said: “It is unlikely that we can operate with the code AB more than three weeks”, He also warned that the tickets purchased for dates after the 28th will lose validity and quite possibly also the right to a refund.

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